B-Focused Serum – 100ml [previously known as “ADHD Serum”]
May 23, 2018
Acne Control Serum – 10ml
May 23, 2018
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B-Focused Serum – 10ml [previously known as “ADHD Serum”]

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1 review for B-Focused Serum – 10ml [previously known as “ADHD Serum”]

  1. Louise

    Good day,
    My son is going to be 6 in April and is currently on Ritalin slow release.
    Is it something that he would be able to take additional to his current medication?

    Do you have something for children for anxiety?

    • diana

      Hi Louise, YES, you can use this B-Focused Serum along with his prescription meds. No side effects. Simply apply twice a day behind ears and inside navel. Send email to: diana.dhd@gmail.com for more info

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