Why Bulbinella

May 2009 was a very difficult period for me, as I had quite a lot of personal issues I had to deal with. A direct result was that my skin allergies came to an all-time high. I had the most horrible skin rashes, with scaring all over my arms, legs and on my back. Due to the stress, the itching just became worse by the second. I was a sight for sore eyes!

One day a lady came up to me with a little tub of ointment, it smelled funny, had a brown colour, and had a very oily consistency. I used the ointment, and it helped quite a lot for the breakouts of my skin, as well as the constant itching! After ordering the ointment a second time, I decided to try and make an ointment for myself. All that was written on the label is that it contained “Aloe Vera, Hiperikum, Comfrey and Bulbinella”. I thought to myself that this couldn’t be too difficult! Little did I know!

I managed to get extracts of everything, except for “Bulbinella”! Above all, nobody seemed to know what “Bulbinella” actually is! After searching far and wide, I came to know what Bulbinella was, and about its endless medicinal properties!

This is also the point in time where my business was born. I started the experiment with Bulbinella pulp and various components, and after 18 months of trial and error, I came to the “Bulbinella Cream” as you know it today.

Known as South Africa’s own Aloe Vera, Bulbinella is a plant that is indigenous to South Africa. The drought-resistant South African bulbinella plant has many medicinal uses, making it a useful plant indeed. Bulbinella plant is best known to dry up acne, soothe cold sores, chapped lips and cracked heels, soothe sunburn and get instant relief from eczema symptoms.

Most of my products contain fresh Bulbinella Pulp. I am also proud to say that none of my products contains any preservatives!

If you have any question with regards to any Diana’s product, and/or any health skin, health, weight loss and anti ageing problem you may experience, don’t hesitate to drop me a mail